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Our Product Range

When it comes to selecting the world’s freshest and most delicious fish and seafood, we’re as particular as can be. We go one better too, only ever using partners who share our passion for keeping seafood simple, natural and always sustainable. 

Smoked Haddock Fillets

These particularly delicious fresh haddock fillets come from plentiful seas in the North-East Atlantic, and were caught in responsible ways that support fish welfare as well as future sustainability. Back in the UK, they’ve been carefully cured then traditionally smoked over oak clippings, for an unmistakable flavour as natural as it is irresistible.

Oak Smoked

A million nautical miles from your everyday smoked salmon, this particular fish has been sustainably farmed in seawaters whose natural current produces happier, healthier fish. We’ve cut it slightly thicker for a better texture too, and lovingly cured and oak-smoked it for an exquisite flavour that’s particularly irresistible.


Large Cooked
King Prawns

For particulary tasty prawns we harvest from Vietnam and India – just wherever the quality is highest at that moment. They’re cooked with their shells on and hand-peeled too, so you get to enjoy the exceptional flavour and freshness we’re particulary famous for.   


Salmon Fillets

Excellent choice, if we do say so ourselves. These particularly delicious fillets have been responsibly farmed in seas with flowing currents, which produce happier, healthier salmon. We don’t just stick to a single source either, preferring to select fish from wherever in the world the quality is highest and the stocks most sustainable.

Smoked Salmon
salmon fillets
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