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Faring the seas for the finest fish...

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Proud to be Particular...

Who Are Particular
& Co?

We’re fish lovers first and foremost, on a mission to supply premium quality fish and seafood to those who appreciate the difference. That means the freshest and most delicious products that you’d typically only find in professional kitchens – until now. We’re passionate about the environment too, so genuine sustainability is our not-so-secret ingredient.


Our Products

When it comes to selecting the world’s freshest and most delicious fish and seafood, we’re as particular as can be. We go one better too, only ever using partners who share our passion for keeping seafood simple, natural and always sustainable. 


Passionate about fish


We’re here to turn the tide on poor practices. We know there is a better way.

We love fish, and it shows. Whether we’re choosing, handling, preparing, packaging, cooking or eating it, our deep fascination with all things fish borders on obsession. That’s why we’re so passionate about what we do, and about raising the standard of retail’s relationship with fish. More than anything though, we want to share our passion and products with diners who deserve it – that’s you.   

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Independent & principled

Size matters, and our smallness is our strength.
A million nautical miles from the corporate food giants, we’re passionate about bringing better quality fish to the nation’s table by being a grassroots business that sticks faithfully to its principles. Being a small independent business helps make this possible.

Being small and independent is what makes this possible.

Standards & safety

Basically, our standards are as particular as it gets.


All our products come from suppliers we know and trust, and who are certified to meet our own strict criteria in food standards and working conditions.


Just as we’re particular about our fish, we’re particular about the people who work with it too. We searched high and low for partners we could really count on, so today our products are checked, cleaned, prepared and packed at a leading UK facility with standards as high as
they come. 


Last but not least, we make sure all of our products are easily traceable, so in the unlikely event of an issue with quality, we can quickly find out why.

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Along with quality, sustainability is the other bedrock of our business. The approach we take to it is genuinely different because it’s fearlessly forward-looking, in every sense. We partner only with those who share our commitment to working responsibly and sustainably, for example by working towards Global GAP, ASC or MSC. We only ever take fish from areas with healthy stocks too.

The approach we take to it is genuinely different because it’s fearlessly forward-looking,
in every sense.


Above all, we’re learning and developing day after day, and working harder and smarter to radically improve the way fish are farmed, harvested, processed and sold. In all honesty, we’ll probably never be 100% satisfied. That’s what makes us Particular & Co.

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